Published on July 26, 2017

Tomar Sure Sur Bendhechhi with lyrics | তোমার সুরে সুর বেঁধেছি | Kumar Sanu

It is originally a super hit Bengali Basic song of Kumar Sanu on happy romantic mood. Lyricist of this song is Pulak Banerjee and Arup Pranay is the music director who had composed this evergreen hit song for the super hit Bengali PUJA ALBUM of Kumar Sanu "PRIYOTAMA MONE REKHO" released in 1991. Now we are presenting this super hit sentimental song as a lyrical video to sing along and to make it more attractive with suitable colorful pictures to depict the mood and theme of this song. Hope you will like the new form of music video. Song: Tomar Sure Sur Bendhechhi Song: তোমার সুরে সুর বেঁধ...

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