Published on February 12, 2015

[Synthesia Tutorial] COOL&CREATE - Last Brutal Sister Flandre Scarlet - Hard Piano Duet

"Last Brutal Sister Flandre Scarlet" Very Hard Piano Duet COOL&CREATE; remix of Touhou Project 6 - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Flandre Scarlet's Theme, U.N. Owen Was Her?) Synthesia This is a Very Hard Piano Duet on the song "Last Brutal Sister Flandre Scarlet", a remix by COOL&CREATE of the song "U.N. Owen Was Her?" from Touhou Project 6, The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Flandre Scarlet's Theme). Plus, I finally found the real original remix lol Original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDz9X2X3MTc Thanks to KaleidonKep99 for the soundfonts used "Roland Dream Piano" and "Stein...

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