Published on July 20, 2016

Warriors Orochi 2 - Unlocking: Orochi X (Shin Orochi) and stage 40 of Dream Mode

Warriors Oorchi 2 - Unlock Orochi X (Shin Orochi) / Stage 40 of Dream Mode/The Creation Of Original Background/ Getting the 4th weapon. Complete 39 stages of dream mode and unlock Orochi X and stage 40, to unlock stage 40 it is necessary that you have finished all the missions of the story mode in all its difficulties. Desbloqueando: Orochi X (Shin Orochi), la creación del Fondo original, cuartas armas, Último stage del dream mode. Como muestro al comienzo del vídeo debes completar 39 stages del dream mode y se desbloqueara Orochi X, Para que se desbloquee el stage 40 es necesario que haya...

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